10 Most Popular Books in the World


      Kearney Storytelling Festival – January 15-19
      Featured Storytellers

      Dovie Thomasen – Tuesday, Jan. 15th 7:00pm @ Kearney Public Library
      Stories for Families
      Rafe Martin – Friday, Jan. 18th 9:15am @ Kearney Public Library
      Stories for Kids
      Saturday, Jan. 19th – 1:00pm & 3:00pm @ Kearney Public Library – Dovie, Rafe, & Local Storytellers
      Stories for Families

      Here is the information for Storytelling Festival events that will be held outside of the Library:

      Wednesday, January 16 – Storytelling Workshop, 9:00am
      Rafe Martin – UNK – Ockinga Seminar Center

      Thursday, January 17 – Storytelling Workshop, 12:30pm
      Dovie Thomasen, UNK – Ockinga Seminar Center

      Thursday, January 17 – Stories for Families
      Dovie Thomasen – Lexington Public Library

      Friday, January 18 – Stories for Seniors, 1:00pm
      Dovie Thomasen, Peterson Senior Activity Center

      The ten most read/sold books in the world:

      1. The Holy Bible
      2. Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung
      3. Harry Potter
      4. The Lord of the Rings
      5. The Alchamist
      6. The Da Vinci Code
      7. The Twilight Saga
      8. Gone with the Wind
      9. Think and Grow Rich
      10. The Diary of Anne Frank

      For more information about the Storytelling Festival and other Library Events, visit the Library website at or call the Library at 308-233-3282.