Update: G.I. Man Faces Charges After 100 Chickens Found in SUV

Image Provided by CNHS

An early Friday morning traffic stop led to an unexpected discovery inside of an SUV.

According to Laurie Dethloff of the Central Nebraska Humane Society, G.I. Police pulled over a man and during the stop found 100 chickens inside of his vehicle. The backseat of the vehicle was folded down and there was plywood put in place to box the birds in.

CNHS reported that over half of the chickens are dead and that they consider this to be a case of animal abuse.

"It's horrifying to think that there were one hundred chickens in a vehicle, said Dethloff. "Forty-five to forty-seven of them were already dead, we're assuming from not having enough space. It's awful when you're sorting through dead bodies and trying to get the live ones out."

The organization stated that the chickens were not properly cared for and they would like to see the man prosecuted for animal cruelty.

CNHS has the remaining 48 chickens in a room at the Humane Society.

Grand Island Police said Saturday that Luis Motola-Palacio, 36, would be referred to the Hall County Attorney's office for animal abuse.

Authorities said Motola-Palacio was driving without headlights on when he was stopped.

He is charged with second offense DUI and driving under a suspended license. His trial is set for Monday, according to court records.