100th Meridian Museum


In this week's One Tank Trip, we're getting a little bit of a geography lesson. Taking us to the 100th meridian line which runs right through central Nebraska.
Lines of latitude and longitude tell us exactly where we are on earth and this week's we're right on the 100th meridian.
"The 100th meridian line is a demarcation line where the humid east meets the arid west," explained Maurice Andres, a boardmember of the 100th Meridian Museum.
The line comes right through cozad and that's no coincidence. The town's founder John J. Cozad put the town on the map here.
"When he came through Cozad, the railroad had it marked 100th meridian and so he got off the train at Willow Island and walked the five miles back and decided this would be a good place to start a town," said Judy Andres, the director of the Cozad Chamber of Commerce.
Cozad put the 100th Meridian Museum on the map in 1996. Antique farm equipment, a
veteran's wall, and a touring coach that President William Howard Taft used in Yellowstone
National Park are among some of the highlights.
"some local businessmen purchased it in the 1950s and brought it back to Cozad to use in
parades and to promote Cozad."
Currently on display is art from Cozad artists including a Winds of Life windmill exhibit, paintings and photography.
"A camera is absolutely a time machine, it will take a little slice of life and preserve it
forever," said photo artist Steve Andersen.
"I think it's quite an honor to be asked to display it here at home and to share my artwork.
A lot of times I just do it quietly to express myself, but it's just kind of fun to share it with others," said fellow artist Susan Hart.
For the history of Cozad the longitudinal lines point straight to the museum.
"You've seen one museum, you've seen them all possibly, but no, this features Cozad's history."
So to find your way, just follow that 100th meridian.

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