#101 Oxford, Harlan and Furnas Counties, Nebraska



Population 876

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Students from Southern Valley Elementary School

  • Children from Oxford, Beaver City, Orleans, & Stamford attend
  • Thanks for all the signs!

Oxford has an impressive golf course, but perhaps more impressive then the greens, are how members volunteer their time to keep them up.

Thanks to some of the 1:00ers who showed us around the golf course. The 1:00ers are a group of guys that golf almost every day (year round!) at 1:00.

Oxford used to be the TURKEY CAPITAL OF NEBRASKA!

The Oxford tour guides!

Here's some interesting information they shared about Oxford:

The NOME HOTEL was the 1st hotel in the state to have Lights.

The BURLINGTON HOTEL was at one time the biggest hotel from Denver to Detroit.

The Oxford depot used to be very busy. It used to contain a round turntable that would turn the locomotive around so the train could head back in the direction it just came from.

Oxford has been through some adversity, including the deadly flood of 1935 and 3 major fires that destroyed several buildings in the downtown area.

There are three theories on how the town got it's name. No one knows for sure.

a) Ford in the Republican River where Oxen would cross.

b) after Oxford University in England

c) after an official with the railroad named Mr. Oxford.

We asked the viewers to vote for the choice they thought was correct. Here are the results:

Fording Oxen 33% Oxford University 14% Mr. Oxford with the railroad 53%

This is one of the newest buildings in town.

TURKEY DAYS: June 8-11th

*the town is hoping to create the largest turkey sandwich in Nebraska History!

  • The town is located in both Harlan & Furnas County.
  • There are different taxes bases for the counties & different elections, but Oxford only has one sheriff- The Furnas County Sheriff!
  • The Downtown Beautification Committee made an amazing discovery in an old building downtown and will unveil their findings May 28th.

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