#110 Cozad, Dawson County, Nebraska


#110 Cozad, Dawson County, Nebraska

More notes:

The town was named after John J. Cozad. The Cozad family lived in town until October 1882, when John shot a man during a fight. Fearing for his life, Cozad and his family left the area immediately.

So what happened to the Cozad family? Even the townspeople didn't know until 1956 when a dentist revealed the family secret to a newspaper. All members of the family had changed their names and moved to Atlantic City where Mr. and Mrs. Cozad were known as The Lee's and whose "adopted sons" were Frank Southrn and Robert Henri (Hen-rye). Mr. Cozad, now Mr. Lee opened a gambling casino. His son- Frank was later a physician, and Robert became a renowned artist and art teacher who greatly influenced the course of art in America.

You can learn more about this amazing story at the Robert Henri Museum.

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