#126 Arcadia, Valley County, Nebraska


#126 Arcadia, Valley County, Nebraska

The town came up with some trivia they are.

1) What movie series starred a tall, blond gal whose roots trace back to Arcadia, NE and who is she?

2) What Arcadia, NE native and resident spent his career in the Space Program and helped with the NASA moon landing?

3) What keeps Arcadia, NE from being just another "one horse town"?

4) What has Arcadia's school band done that is extremely unique for a small town band?

5) What famous Nebraska politician delivered a speech from the balcony of a home in Arcadia?

6) What small NE town can boast "business as usual" after surviving 3 major fires, 2 devastating tornado's, and 1 major cyclone?

7) Who is the oldest barrel racer to compete in the Nat'l Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas?


1) Police Academy...Leslie Easterbrook. 2) Reggie True 3) We have 7 horse arenas. 4) They have been invited to and performed in Washington DC on two separate occasions. 5) William Jennings Bryan 6) Arcadia, NE 7) June Holeman from Arcadia.

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