#128 Norman, Kearney County, Nebraska


#128 Norman, Kearney County, Nebraska

From a letter written by Hubert Olson of Minden:

"I used to be on the rural mail route at Norman and you'd be surprised to see how much mail we rec'd at our little P.O. marked, "University of Okla. Norman, Nebr." Of course we then had to forward it on but a lot of it came from the University of Nebr. in Lincoln. Here's a few things I thought kinda interesting or funny:

1887 80 acres was surveyed to build the town with large white rocks placed 2 feet below ground level at each corner. These stones are still in place in the adjoining Fields so you can see they thought this is going to be some kind of big city.

1887 The town was given the name "Fleming" but after a short period was changed to Norman as Carl and John Norman had owned...(some land.)

1887 A Burlington R.R. Depot was built even though the tracks weren't put in until the next year.

1913 Fire Destroyed a hardware store, hotel, the post office, grain and creamery and part of a bank.

1915 The census showed Norman had a population of 290, at this date there were 4 churches, Lutheran, Baptist, Christian and Methodist. In 2006 there are none.

1935 There were 2 barber shops and were always having a price war. You could get a full haircut for 15 cents and a trim in the back of the neck for a nickle plus a lot of conversation and gossip!

Hubert Olson

**thanks Hubert! I enjoyed your letter.

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