13 Bands Take Stage At "Central Nebraska Band Showcase"


A Kearney music shop hosts a new venue to help support bands in our area.

Thirteen bands from across the state hit the stage Saturday afternoon to show off their talent for the first year of the Central Nebraska Band Showcase.

Sponsored by Yanda's Music, organizers say they saw the need for start–up bands to showcase their talent on a bigger stage while giving these musicians a sense of community.

"It's important to do something of this sort because one, there's a lot of talent that people don't know about," said Yanda's employee Dayvid Cardenas. "And so it just brings out that talent from everywhere in Nebraska."

"That's kind of the main point," said Yanda's Music's Nathan Richardson. "We just want to see the musicians in the area band together and change what's going on. There's got to be more of a coming together.

The showcase showcased bands with music of all styles and genres. Organizers plan to make this an annual event.