2012 – A Year to Remember for Weather


The year is almost done but it won't be forgotten by meteorologists. It was a year for extreme drought, the first February tornado and for some, one of the warmest recorded.

The December blizzards brought much needed moisture to the area, but meteorologists said it was too little too late. 2012 will go down as the driest year on record for some cities like Grand Island.

Jeremy Wesely, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service said, "Our greatest warmth was in the late winter and early spring; that's where we made up most of the ground in terms of being one of the warmer years on record-- in fact the month that really stood out would be March."

During those warm months many in the Grand Island area struggled with their utility bills.

A tornado in February broke another record for Nebraska; the state no longer has any tornado-less months on record.