2014 Hastings College Graduates Ready To Tackle The World


Hastings College's 2014 graduating class is ready to tackle the world, and officials say they're an impressive group.

Hundreds of people packed Lynn Farrell Arena Saturday morning, to watch 239 students graduate at the 128th commencement ceremony at Hastings College.

A lot has happened on their campus in the past four years, including three different college presidents, but despite the changes students say they're ready for the next chapter.

"I think our biggest sense of accomplishment is yet to come," said Lincoln graduate Hunter Hendricks. "We're all looking forward to the horizon knowing we're excited to what we're going to be doing and I think we all have a lot of potential that we have yet to tap and we're all very excited to do that."

And campus officials add that the sense of growth and leadership present throughout this class, it's a class to watch.

"We're going to be hearing from this group a lot in the future," said biology professor John Kuehn. "There are a lot of great leaders and outstanding young men and women getting their degrees today, and we'll be seeing their names in the future."

Oleg Kalinskiy, a 1998 international student alumni from Russia, delivered the keynote address at Saturday's commencement ceremony, which also honored the graduating class of 1964.