Attendance Increases 25 Percent at Great River Archway


Just over one month ago, the Cherry Avenue exit on Interstate 80 opened up for traffic. Now, the Great Platte River Archway is seeing the benefit.

Attendance numbers and revenue from ticket sales are way up since the exit's opening, because now the attraction is a lot easier to get to.

The numbers for September of this year are up 25 percent over a year ago. With the increase in people visiting the archway, the tourist attraction has increased revenue by more than $10,000.

Board member Joel Johnson is happy with the attendance and revenue increase, but he says there is always room for improvement.

"It's a good start. We've got to do better than that, and first we will do things now, with us owning the building rather than bond holders in some distant area," said Johnson.

The Archway brought in more than $51,000 from ticket sales this month.