4-H Volunteers a Major Help for County Fair Exhibits


The Buffalo County Fair has officially kicked off.

And with any fair or big event comes lots of time and preparation from volunteers.

Before the hustle and bustle begins, volunteers are working morning day and night to make sure things go smoothly.

Buffalo County’s 4-H volunteers are among those.

By 6:30 in the morning as many as 40 members, parents and 4-H supporters are getting the extension building ready and prepared for the festivities to come.

“We need a volume of people to check in the 4-H’ers and get their exhibits to the correct departments so that that judge can see it and get it judged and also interview the 4-H’ers. It just takes a big team,” said Kristin Prill with the Buffalo County Extension Office.

Exhibits at the fair range from food, home environment and development to science, engineering and much more.

4-H is covering a broad range of interests and the more families that realize this, the more there are that feel drawn to be involved themselves.

“I think many 4-H families do get the big picture, that it’s really a big investment in our youth as well as their children,” said Prill.

One parent who gets the “big picture,” is Staci Worthing, who feels strongly that volunteerism in many aspects makes these events what they are to youth and the 4-H community.

“Without volunteers it doesn’t happen. And so we need a lot of workers, we need a lot of smiles and we need a lot of people here that are willing to look out for all of the kids and try and benefit all of the kids,” said Worthing.

And in this day and age many that feel a sense of community can be hard to find, but many involved say they can find it in 4-H.

“If people are wondering where it that community, where do people come together and smile and laugh and help each other out, it’s still here at the county fair, it’s still here with 4-H, and it’s definitely here with our volunteers,” said Worthing,

A schedule of events for this year’s Buffalo County Fair can be found at