5 GI Businesses Fail Alcohol Compliance Checks


On Friday the Hall County Sheriff's Office and Grand Island Police Department, working in collaboration with Think B4U Wink, conducted compliance checks of the retail businesses licensed to sell alcoholic beverages in Hall County.

Of the 36 businesses checked five businesses, including: Rafa's Tacos; Texas T-Bone; Denny's Restaurant of 3333 Ramada Road; Casey's General Store of 4150 W. Highway 30; and The Wine Bar, all in Grand Island, failed in compliance.

This represents a compliance rate of 86.2 percent of Hall County businesses.

The Hall County Sheriff's Office said "We are extremely proud of the 31 businesses who are obviously taking the issue of underage drinking very seriously. Local businesses are to be commended for their efforts."

Compliance checks are used by law enforcement agencies across the country.

If conducted on a regular basis, they are a good barometer of the measure of a community's progress on reducing alcohol sales to minors. Local law enforcement will continue our commitment to perform these checks regularly.