5 Years Later, Cold Case Kearney Murder Still Unsolved

Kelcey Fike

June 17th marks the chilling anniversary of the 2008 murder of 21-year-old Kelcey Fike.

Emergency crews responded to a fire call at a trailer court in Kearney where they found Fike's body. Five years later police still have not made an arrest.

The fire destroyed much of the evidence. A surveillance tape was found but the poor quality of the video rendered it essentially useless.

Since then, Kearney Police have conducted hundreds of interviews and the reward money has gone untouched.

"I still believe there are people out there who know more than they've shared with us. I don't know totally why they're reluctant to come forward. I think there's a certain amount of fear associated with that," Chief Dan Lynch told NTV in 2009.

In an interview with NTV News, Fike's boyfriend at the time, Alex Young, said he will always wonder what's going on with the case.

He told NTV News his biggest fear is that the killer is on the loose and may strike again.

On the first anniversary of the crime, her parents told NTV they wouldn't erase the sound of their daughter's voice on their answering machine.

"That's part of what's been so hard about the last year. For us, we'll never have normal again because we just don't have our little girl anymore," Mary Jo Fike said at the time.

If you have any information on the June 17th, 2008 death of Kelcey Fike, call the Kearney Police Department at (308) 237-2104.