70-Years-Young and Still Competing in Barrel Races


Seventy-years–young and still an athlete; an Arcadia woman continues to enter in barrel races across the country.

June Holeman competed in RFD-TV's THE AMERICAN rodeo in Arlington, Texas on March 2 where the winner took home one million dollars.

This isn't her first rodeo by any means; she holds the record for barrel racing in McCook and still holds the title as the oldest person to compete in the national finals rodeo.

"That 70 crept up on me. I was fine at fifty and didn't think much about it," shared Holeman.

She is known as "Grandma" June in the rodeo world and rides horses every day and competes on a large stage.

"I cannot just train them, I have got to go and compete on them, so I guess I will go as long as I can and I will have him until he runs out from under me, and he is going to sometime," said Holeman.

When she goes a day without riding she simply feels sick. "I get kind of ill when I can't ride, but I don't ride nearly as many as I used to," explained Holeman.

She steered the horse, Hopes Money Boy, through the barrels without hitting any during THE AMERICAN competition, a run against the world's best, and she even beat out last year's winner.

"He is 7 years old and I raised him," said Holeman. "I have been tempted to let him go. He is the only horse that can carry me when I don't kick or whip or do anything much to make him run. He is the only one that will win for me."

Grandma June was only three tenths of a second away from making the final four, to race for one million dollars.

Although she did not win, those who see her can't miss her turquoise attire with three words on her back that spell out "never give up". "That's what I live by," said Holeman. "I'll quit when he blows me out and runs out from under me, and I'll quit when I have to."

Grandma June said she wants to thank her supporters and after her impressive showing, she has some sponsors now. She will continue to prepare for other competitions.

If you wish to send her fan mail, you can do so at:

80061 Drive 458 Arcadia, NE 68815.