Firefighters Get Hands-On Training at 76th Annual Nebraska State Fire School


Firefighters hoping for a real training experience were able to somewhat fight a blaze Saturday at Fonner Park in Grand Island.

Firefighters are saying the kinds of fires they see constantly change, so these trainings are all about keeping them up-to-date, and are critical to keeping their communities safe.

"I like to get all the training I can to save me and the person inside," Fullerton volunteer firefighter Jared Cook said. "You can never get enough training. Also, if you don't have all the training you'll never know what to do when you come to a different encounter."

"Firemen today, we don't get as many fires as we're used to," Jim Carpenter, an instructor with the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association, said. "Fires are changing so much because of all the plastic in our homes, all the synthetic furniture and stuff, that we're actually getting hotter faster and we're having some real issues with it. So we're trying to get them up-to-date with the newest stuff."

The 76th annual Nebraska State Fire School featured 28 classes, including fire investigation, safety and rescue.