A Breakdown of the Archway's Debt


The "Great Platte River Road Archway" has filed forchapter 11 bankruptcy after years of struggling to get visitors through the door.

According to bankruptcy documents, the Archway refinanced a $60 million debt down to$22 million, which is due to be paid this year.

In addition to that debt, bond–holders are owed another $20 million, and several local vendors are owed a total of over $120,000 aswell.

Some of the notable local businessesowed money include:

  • $10,796 owed to Stagecoach Gifts in Kearney,
  • $9,209 owed to Yanda's Pro Audio of Kearney,
  • $5,530 owed to Warren–T Drain Cleaners and Plumbers of Kearney,
  • $2,201 owed to Gary Ginther Studios of Cambridge, and
  • $1,927 owed to Benjamin's Landscaping of Holdrege.