A Closer Look at Depression


People are still reeling from the tragic news of Robin Williams' death. Authorities report the star of movies such as “Dead Poets Society" and "Jumanji” committed suicide after battling depression.

It’s a topic the public tends to shy away from despite the number of people it impacts in the country, even in central Nebraska.

Local doctors report one in five people in their lifetime will battle depression.

A local psychiatrist believes people need to be more open about the subject.

“We’re not used to talking about our feelings. We’re getting better but we still need to ask that person about feelings and ask the difficult question is it worth living,” said Hugo Gonzalez.

The doctor adds when someone answers no, it’s time to advise them to seek help.

Depression is not just about being sad, it’s a chemical imbalance that prevents people from living everyday life without struggling.

There are many levels of help someone can seek. A good first few steps includes kicking any habits of smoking or drinking, and keeping in shape is important as doctors report a healthy body provides a healthy mind.

Additionally, talking with a family doctor about is key. If the individual is still depressed after those steps, it may be time to see a psychiatrist.

The Richard Young Hospital will be hosting a 5K race next month to raise awareness of depression.