Pit Bull Attack that Injured Two Caught on Tape


A mother and son staying at a Grand Island home were taken to the hospitalMonday after being attacked by a pit bull.

Police say the dog attacked Kayla Shoestring and her son Hayden around 5p.m. on W. North Front Street.

The neighbor caddy–corner to the house where the pit bull lived had securitycameras that caught the whole attack.

"His [Hayden] mother woke to screaming and went outside to see himbeing bit by a male pit bull and push him into the house for his safety andthen started running to his neighbors to get help," said Laurie Dethloff, executivedirector of the Central Nebraska Humane Society.

The neighbors weren't home and 4-year-old Hayden had to use a broom to getthe dog to stop attacking his mother.

The severity of the attack was a surprise to many. "Every now and thenyou have a dog attack that should leave a bite or something like that. Somelike this, in my experience is very rare," said Butch Hurst with the GrandIsland Police Department.

Glenda Aguilar, the owner of the pit bull was likewise surprised. "Itwas such a shock. I didn't recognize it. He was not the dog I raised from 4weeks old. It was not that dog."

"Something happened to him. God knows and we have to leave it in hishands," said Aguilar.

Dethloff offered an opinion on what might have triggered the attack, "Thebiggest trigger we feel was not being spayed or neutered and that the femalemaybe have been coming, or is in season, which would create a male having moredominant tendencies."

The pit bull was taken to the Central Nebraska Humane Society and wasput down on Tuesday.

Kayla and Hayden were taken to St. Francis Medical Center after the attack.Kayla was then transported to Bryan LGH West hospital in Lincoln and isnow in fair condition. Hayden remained at Saint Francis Hospital and is instable condition.