A Skate Park Decades in the Making is Up and Rolling


A skate park decades in the making in central Nebraska is up and rolling. Apollo Skate Park in Kearney is considered one of the most unique parks in the region, and is now officially open.

Hundreds of skaters came to either watch or try out the new park.

"This is about freedom, it's about gliding down a sidewalk just smooth going back and forth, the wind through your hair. It's like the feeling of riding a bike for the first time,” said Jason Gerber, a former Kearney resident who pushed to get a skate park in Kearney over twenty years ago.

He has been skating for years now, even with the pros, but says this park is for all levels of skill.

"This park is really cool for that there is a lot of open flat areas as well as not huge things,” Gerber said. “It also is an advanced park if you know the lines, but it's not too intimidating at first. But, just get out there, talk to the kids that are here, and that's the great thing about skaters -- it's one big family.”

Whether people know how to do, "a fifty-fifty, a rock the fakie, the five–o and a tailtap," like Kormick Linner or not, boarders say they learn a thing or two from one another and it's a place to feel included.

“Sometimes someone will step in and say, ‘"Hey! Try next to have your foot this way.' They love feeding and helping each other, so it's like you're welcome into a family when you walk into the park," Gerber explained.

Kaitlyn Skala is a newbie. She says she had to try out skateboarding when she saw the new park.

"I love it,” she said. “I've had a lot of fun out here with my friends and it brought us all into one place and somewhere we can hang out."

Skaters say this $320,000 park will teach some life lessons too.

"You just have to stay strong and keep trying and if you fail just keep trying and working at it because everything will work out," Skala said.