AARP Voices Support for Measure that Would Create Aging Nebraskans Task Force


AARP officials were in Lincoln Thursday to voice their support in a measure that would create a task force to determine the needs of aging Nebraskans.

Sen. Kate Bolz introduced LB 690 at the beginning of the 2014 session. It would create the Aging Nebraskans Task Force, which would look at what needs to be done to handle the increased demand for long-term care services as the state's population ages.

"Weare on the cusp of significant growth in the age group that is most likely toneed long-term care," said Mark Intermill, advocacy director forAARP Nebraska. "The oldest baby boomer will reach the age of 75 in sevenyears and the age of 80 in 2026."

Intermill was at the committee hearing for bill Thursday to share where policy development is needed. Areas he discussed included support for family caregivers, private long-term care financing options and a workforce that provides long-term care services.

The bill would also have the state apply for about $6 million in federal grants for more home- and community-based services through Medicaid.