Last Day of the NeFU Conference


In less than one month Senator Ben Nelson retires from his seat, but before he leaves Washington D.C., he wants to see the Farm Bill pass-- as it remains stuck in the house.

The Nebraska Farmers Union wrapped up their state conference on Saturday, but members remained worried about the upcoming year.

They're all pushing for the Farm Bill including Senator Nelson, who said, "it'll pass if it gets an up or down vote, they just have to get a vote on it."

The Farm Bill hasn't been put to a vote.

Nelson said, "The house doesn't want to bring up anything or move anything forward so I've been saying… people need to get a hold of speaker Boehner and say we need to move this forward it's too important."

Earlier this year the senator visited a St. Paul farm. He toured the drought stricken area of Robert Dvorak's farm to see first-hand the need for the Farm Bill.

The Nebraska Farmers Union president, John Hansen, said its members still have the same worries farmers had in the summer.

"It's preposterous that the largest single industry in the state of Nebraska is facing the worse drought in 50 years, that we're being marooned and abandoned by our own congress in our time of need," said Hansen.

Senator Nelson said that the waiting game needs to end. "At some point in time it needs to happen, the longer we wait the worse it gets for agriculture planning purposes."

Nelson said although he is retiring from the senate, he won't retire from working just yet. He hopes to make time to work in the private sector and continue to travel back and forth to Washington D.C. on his own time.