Absentee Voting Begins Oct. 1


Absentee voting begins Oct 1. Residents are able to cast their ballot by going into the election office or sending it by mail.

Buffalo County has a total of 33 precincts. Each is divided by population, not land mass. Each ballot is somewhat different.

Election clerks advise you to do your research before you vote. If you are unsure what will be on your ballot, sample ballots will be available before the election.

"Do your research," election clerk Lisa Poff said. "It's an important thing. Half of it is registering to vote, the other half is actually getting out there to vote. We hope that everybody does that."

Buffalo County had a 71% voter turn out for the last presidential election.

Deadlines for the November election:

  • Mail-in voter registrations must be postmarked by Oct. 19. Registrations close at motor vehicle offices and state agencies on Oct. 19.
  • In-person voter registration at county election offices ends at 6 p.m. Oct. 26. This includes registration changes such as updating an address.
  • Registered voters can make requests until 4 p.m. Oct. 31 for early-voting ballots to be mailed. Nov. 5 is the deadline for in-person early voting at county election offices.
  • The close of polls on Nov. 6 is the deadline for the return of early-voting ballots, including ballots returned by mail.

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