Adams Central Adds Agricultural Education for Next Fall


Coming next fall students at Adams Central Public School will have the opportunity to learn about agriculture. The decision was made after the motion was changed to half–time instead of a full program.

The room was filled with parents, staff, alumni and others in the community wanting to express their opinions on how important Ag education is. A big concern was financing and whether it would affect other staff members in different departments to add this program.

The board believed that they could make room for this in their budget without any staff reductions.

"The time is now," said board member Chad Trausch.

"Cause there is no question Ag Ed is good. It's just how do we make it fit so we don't lose what we have because we do so many good things well," said Roger Krabel, president of the Board of Education.

"Again, if our main goal is to create agricultural education opportunity, well then that just opened another door," said board secretary Randy Kort.

Students are also excited about agricultural learning. "A lot of the kids that go here are unaware of what farmers do, I think it would be very educational and help them know where they came from," said Samantha Granstrom, a sophomore at Adam Central.

"A lot of farm kids are here and it would be a good way to inform people that aren't," added sophomore Alec Backer.

"It could help me in my education towards farming in case I would like to do something like that," said sophomore Latifah Rootou.

Members from the FFA in Holdrege were also at the meeting to support the efforts in getting a program started. They told the board that their program has not only helped them with farming, but in everyday life.

The board members are looking to talk with other neighboring school districts to see if they can pull together to get a great teacher for a full–time position.