Adams Central School District Looking to Make Improvements


Adams Central is trying to put together an all-star team to help fix its schools. In the last four years, the district has twice attempted to pass bond issues without success.

The district has put together a 60 member task force consisting of parents, administration, teachers and residents to discuss how they can fix the schools. They are bringing in someone without any ties to the community to try a new strategy.

“To have some neutral come in, a facilitator that can help move along and look at factual information. We thought it'd be something we haven't tried before, something different,” said school board member Carissa Uhrmacher.

Parents realize each school offers something different, but they also have issues that need to be addressed.

“I want to make sure that each student has equal opportunity in our school, just make sure the facilities and the education we have at Adams Central stays top notch,” said Tony Collins.

Not every school has a gym and the school board reports there is an overcrowding problem in some classes.

The facilitator will calculate all the issues that need to be addressed and will offer two to three possible solutions at meetings open to the public.

“Anyone would be able to come and find out about the solutions and get good feedback where the right direction to go at that point,” said Uhrmacher.

The school board is not sure if the solution will be another bond issue to put on the ballot. The next meeting will be in two weeks.