Adams County Health Fair Raises Colon Cancer Awareness


A recent study found that Nebraska's cancer sites have diagnosed more colon cancer cases than the national average.

According to statistics by the Mary Lanning Healthcare Morrison Cancer Center, the latest top cancer sites in the nation report 9 percent of cancers to be colorectal cancer, while the top cancer sites in the Mary Lanning Healthcare are have found 11 percent of their detected cancers as colorectal. That's one reason Adam's County Vital Signs Health Fair organizers focused on colon education.

Turning the Adams County fairgrounds into a health lab, the 28th annual Vital Signs Health Fair helped reach out to nearly 1,800 people in two days.

Event Coordinator Karen Doerr said their main goal is to catch health concerns early before they become a problem.

The health screenings provided at the fair have even helped some save money.

Regular fairgoer Kathy Schroeder said, "My husband doesn't have health insurance coverage so we take advantage of it every year. "

Organizers said they want people like Kathy to take the results they get from the health fair and make their own appointments with their regular physician.

Kathy said, "It saves us a lot of money in case we schedule an appointment like glass or hearing -– if we didn't need the correction then it's an out–of–pocket expense."

The emphasis on colon health stood out to fairgoers like Kathy.

Organizers said they gave colon cancer education special attention this year with a larger than life inflatable.

Michele Bever with the South Heartland District Health Department said people find it uncomfortable to speak about colon testing. She said, "We're trying to raise awareness here because colon cancer is preventable. It's so important because if you catch it early it's treatable and people don't have to experience cancer."

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