Adams County YWCA Offering Freezer Meals for Healthy Dinner Options


The YWCA in Adams County is offering a program to help give families at least one healthy dinner each week.

The YWCA freezer meal program runsthroughout the school year, with a meal option every Thursday. The meal serves six to eight people and is available for a minimal cost.

The goal is to empower women once a weekwith a healthy meal for their family without the stress involved in mealpreparation. YWCA staff creates the menu, does the grocery shopping andprepares the meal.

Additionally, YWCA volunteers help prepare the meals, gaining learning experience in cooking.

On average the YWCA provides 20-30 family meals every week for a range ofwomen -- from those just entering the workforce to seniors.

For more information about the program, visit or call 402.462.8821.