Affordable Care Act Impacts Elwood Couple


The past five weeks Valerie Kelly has been patiently waiting to see what health care plans she is eligible for. With her husband on Medicare, health insurance will be expensive for her if she sticks with the health market.

"We don't know. I've called the health market, they quoted me, the cheapest package would be $450 a month," said Kelly.

She says that's not affordable for her. October First was the first day people could start enrolling in Obamacare. On day one Valerie tried to sign up, but was unsuccessful.

Five weeks later she still has no clue what plans she is eligible for. Every time she logs on to she gets a 'still in progress' message.

"She called them back a week or two later, they couldn't find it anywhere she was even signed up and this went on for about three different times," said Valerie's husband Duane.

To pass the time Valerie cracks down on Sudoku and crossword puzzles. She thinks she'll finish 200 more puzzles before the website starts working right.

Valerie is very interested to see what plans she can get.

Duane, who recently retired after working 21 years at Allmand brothers in Holdrege, says he is just waiting for the glitches to be straightened out.