Space, Income Two Reasons For Kearney's Affordable Housing Issues


Finding affordable housing in Kearney can make all the difference, no matter what income bracket you fall under.

The median household income in Kearney averages just over $64,000 which is a lot more than the average minimum wage earner brings in.

Officials at the Kearney Housing Authority say two problems stem from this issue...lack of space and income.

"What that points to is wages and what people are making these days. Obviously the minimum wage is not enough to support a family," said Kearney Housing Authority's Carrie Hardage. "Whether it be a single earner household or a double earner household and be able to find decent, safe and sanitary housing is what that shows me.."

Hardage adds that it's difficult to build properties in Kearney because of the encroachment of farmland.