Affordable Housing Linked to Supply and Demand


Affordable housing continues to be a hot topic in Kearney.

Experts say one of the key issues for Kearney continues to be new construction of either apartments or single unit dwellings.

New construction has slowed. That means there is not as much inventory which interrupts supply. Realtors say development in those areas needs to continue.

"Once it's caught up we'll feel like we have to build again and the building will slow down, and so it's a constant cycle in housing, and it's not a quick cycle," said Kearney Realtor Matt Meister. "It's not a quick fix for housing, but what we need to do is make sure we do this in a controlled matter so that we don't then end up in the exact opposite problem if we were to overbuild in our community."

Meister adds that the need for more housing is a good problem to have, and is a good sign for the economy in the future.