After 14 Years, Stuhr Foundation Director Retiring


Stuhr Museum uses the tax dollars they get toward operating expenses, so when a building needs work or they want to expand, they rely on the Stuhr Foundation, and for more than a decade, Pam Price has been at the helm.

Price says in May of 2000 she left her job as admissions director at Central Community College, crossed Highway 34, and picked up the reins as Stuhr’s chief fundraiser. But she says being the foundation director is more than just a job.

“It’s truly been a mission of my heart so to speak - I’ve always loved Stuhr Museum. I was born and raised in Grand Island,” she says.

Price is retiring after more than 14 years at the museum, planning to be a community volunteer and full-time grandma. As she reflects on building additions, growing endowments, and scholarship funds kept full, she says she cannot take all the credit.

“The generosity of the donors. We never dreamed that we could raise $7 million in two years,” she says.

But that’s exactly what happened, and Price leaves as those dollars pay for the Stuhr Building’s renovation, one of the many projects made possible by her guidance.

“As busy as operating the museum is, it’s wonderful to have an entity and someone like Pam who has spent so many years working tirelessly to help secure the museum, not only now, but the future as well,” says Stuhr’s executive director Joe Black.

Price’s wish for the future: that things keep looking up at Stuhr.

“It’s fun, it’s an attraction, so we just hope to continue to provide funding so the museum can grow and innovate,” says Price. “Certainly Stuhr Museum has been one of Nebraska’s fine institutions and I’m proud to have been associated with it.”