Ag Talk: Choosing a Nitrogen Fertilizer


Agronomists at CPI are sharing a few tips on choosing the nitrogen fertilizer that is right for your field.

Mostcrops require different amounts of nitrogen fertilizer, some such as soybeansfixate it themselves, while others such as corn require additional nitrogenfertilizer in order to be productive.

AnhydrousAmmonia is a very popular nitrogenfertilizer product, according to CPI. Among its advantages are its low cost and high nitrogen content percentage. Among its disadvantages is that it is a dangerous unstable product, requiring extreme safety precautions.

Another popular nitrogen source according to CPI is LiquidUAN. Usage flexibility is among its advantages, while its disadvantages includes a potential for plant burn.

Dry Urea is another option. Advantages include the ability to apply in amix with other dry fertilizers and disadvantages would include, that it must have a dry fertilizer applicatorto apply it and that it can't be used as deep into the season as 32.

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