Ag Talk- Dealing with Carryover Nitrogen


Dueto drought conditions last summer, carryover residual nitrogen is abnormallyhigh this fall, especially on low lying areas and non irrigatedacres.

As much as 40-60 lbs. of carryover nitrogen has been seen in non-irrigated acres, and an average of 25-45 lbs. of carryover nitrogen in most irrigated acres. Those high amounts of nitrogen can add up to $15-$45 of nutrientsjust sitting there in the soil.

Inorder to know for sure and maximize the value of the nutrients in a specificfield a soil test is necessary. Nitratelevels will vary from field to field.

A farmer shouldn't addfertilizer to the soil without first checking what the levels are already.
A trained agronomist, such as a Servi-Techagronomist can help take the soil test, have it analyzed, and interpret theresults

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