Ag Talk- Fungicide Use in Furrow


Withthe value of corn going higher and higher, many producers are wondering what they can do to help maximize their returns on each and every acre.

Usinga fungicide in furrow helps give plants more vigorous, healthy roots, which inturn will help boost yields at the end of the season by minimizing the effectsof soil borne diseases and adverse growing conditions, according to CPI agronomist Ryan Nickerson.

The fungicide also works to keep the seed healthy incooler soils and protects against frost damage.

    Nickerson says HeadlineEC from BASF Chemical company is a good option for fungicide use infurrow. He says for about $10 per acre for 3oz,you can get a substantial return on investment

    Itis important to have the EC version of Headline for in furrow applications,because that is what is labeled for in furrow (it has better mixing compatibilitywith starter fertilizers).

    It canbe mixed with starter fertilizer, but Nickerson warns producers to make sure it is added to the tank before the fertilizer. Nospecial equipment is needed if planter is equipped with to apply starter infurrow.

    Accordingto BASF on farm trials inNebraska, yields can be boosted up to an additional 8 bushels per acre,even when the seed is already treated, and with an insecticide. Evenat an 8 bushel per acre yield increase at a low end of $5 per bushelof corn, that is an additional $40 per acre return on that $10 peracre investment.

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