Ag Talk: Grid Soil Sampling and Variable Rate Fertilizer Application


Agriculture is constantly evolving and the cost of inputs are rising in addition to the increase in new technologies.

Precision Agriculture is an example of that technology. To understand soil variability better within a field, grid soil sampling is the primary tool used to generate fertility maps and then variable rate fertilizer prescriptions based on the grid results.

A grid sample consists of one every 2.5 acres. In that sample, many nutrients are analyzed -- including phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, pH, zinc and many others.

Other tools that are used to determine soil fertility include Aerial imagery, harvest yield data and Electroconductivity data. By using this data, agronomists can create a variable rate fertilizer prescription.

This means that producers have the ability to apply more fertilizer in areas of the field that need it and less where they do not.

Formore details about grid sampling and variable rate fertilizer application,contact your local CPI agronomist or call the Hastings office at 402.463.6875.