Agri/Eco Tourism Workshop Promotes Networking and New Ideas


Agritourism has been around for generations and continues to grow and gain popularity in Nebraska.

Whether it's inviting families to takes tours of a farm property or vineyard, or inviting them to stay at a farm house bed and breakfast, Nebraska has many of these gems throughout the state. And this week, many of those in the industry and others who have an interest in the industry are coming together to gain insight and ideas.

The three-day Agri/Eco Tourism workshop kicked off Monday at a nice quaint setting -- Burchell's White Hill Farm outside of Minden.

The bed and breakfast has been going strong thanks to its unique farmstead and style, something that was highlighted during the workshop.

"The thing that's unique about it is that there's such a diversity of what people can do. And that's one of the big things that we're really focusing on at our workshop, here is that unique partnership that can be formed," said Karen Kollars with the Nebraska Tourism Commission. "Looking at your assets, what's around you and maybe how to do some creative and unique things on your land."

The event will continue at the Younes Event Center in Kearney.

The yearly workshop has been gaining more and more popularity over the years, especially among young people looking at different ways to utilize the family farm.