Alleged YouTube Bank Robber Waives Prelim

Hannah Sabata

A Stromsburg woman accused of robbing a Waco bank in November and bragging about it in a YouTube video that went viral has waived her right to a preliminary hearing.

19-year-old Hannah Sabata made her first court appearance in York County Tuesday.

A stone faced Sabata made no eye contact with anyone in the courtroom as she was escorted in wearing an orange jumpsuit -- her hands shackled in front of her.

Police say Sabata walked into the Cornerstone Bank in Waco on Nov. 27 and handed the teller a note that said, "You are being robbed! No alarms or locks or phones or ink bags! I have a loaded gun. You have two minutes."

She then allegedly fled the scene in a car that had been reported stolen. But it didn't take long for police to catch up to her.

Authorities say several people identified her from the bank surveillance footage, but if that wasn't enough proof, Sabata allegedly posted a YouTube video the following day boasting about her crime.

In the video, titled "Chic Bank Robber," a woman -- who looks a lot like Sabata, and wearing what appears to be the same clothes the bank robber was wearing during the heist -- shows off a stack of cash and dangles car keys in front of the camera.

In captions and handwritten notes she holds up to the camera, she says that it was the best day of her life because she just robbed a bank and stole a shiny car, getting away with $6,256 -- and that now she's rich.

She also blames the government for pushing her to commit the crime, saying the system stole her baby and charged her with neglect.

Police still have to prove that Sabata is the one in the video, but the evidence is damning. In Sabata's home, authorities reportedly found the backpack and sunglasses she allegedly wore during the robbery, along with license plates from that stolen car.

Sabata is now being represented by the Commission on Public Advocacy, after her original lawyer was found to have ties to the bank teller. The York County Public Defender says Sabata's original lawyer's son was actually in that teller's wedding.

Sabata is charged with robbery and theft by unlawful taking.

Her arraignment is scheduled for February 4 in York County District Court.