Alma Looks to the Skies to Boost Economic Opportunities


A rural community in southwest Nebraska is looking to the skies to improve business and boost economic opportunities.

The Alma airfield now has a paved runway and lighting system, thanks to a nearly three million dollar project for the improvements.

Pilots will now be able to land at all hours, and will have less insurance issues than with the previous sod runway.

City officials say it's a hidden economic benefit, not only for Alma's healthcare and lake tourism, but the whole area as well.

"This project is just one of those that we show that we've got faith in the area here," said Mayor Hal Haeker. "That we think more people will come to the area if we continue to do projects like this, which will attract new businesses and so forth."

This project was a local, state and federal collaboration.

Officials hope to bring more growth to the airfield in the future.