Americans Split Over President's Efforts on Ukraine Crisis


A new poll has reported that Americans are split over whether president Obama is handling the Ukraine crisis well.

Forty-eight percent of people approve of how he's dealing with the situation. A nationwide survey also found that 59 percent support economic sanctions against Russia. The crisis in Ukraine hasn't affected the president's overall approval rating, which came in at 43 percent.

Numbers also suggested Americans aren't eager to get involved with foreign conflicts. About 70 percent said the U.S. should focus on safety at home rather than overseas.

The White House has continued to push diplomatic angles in regards to the crisis. Among these diplomatic efforts is a proposal sent to the Russian government through Secretary of State John Kerry.

The Obama administration said Monday they are waiting on a response from Russian officials, who have indicated they have significant disagreements with how the Obama administration views the situation on the ground.

When Secretary Kerry spoke with foreign minister Lavrov over the weekend, he made clear that he would welcome further discussions focused on how to deescalate the crisis in Ukraine. These would occur if and when the U.S. sees concrete evidence of Russia's preparedness to engage on these proposals.

Those proposals include:

  • Direct talks between the governments of Russia and Ukraine;
  • Russian forces returning to their bases; and
  • International monitors in Ukraine.

On Monday president Putin was briefed by his foreign minister but reports out of Russia said the leadership there disagreed that there even was a conflict between Russia and Ukraine.