Amherst Marching Band Finds Pride in Band Small Size


High school band members from across the state will be gathering in Grand Island this weekend for Nebraska's annual Harvest of Harmony parade.

Amherst is one of smallest bands that will be marching in the parade, and though they may be small in size it's sound that matters most to this group.

With just twelve students making up the march band, blink and you might miss them, but make no doubt it's their sound that band director Josh Hughes hopes will be noticed.

"Obviously we're not going to have as big of a sound as a band that has fifty students out, however, we do work on putting out a good sound. And that is most important. I tell the students that we're not going to sound as big as some of the other ones but we can sound just as good."

With smaller band sizes, formations can also be tricky to master, but Amherst has mastered the figure eight and other tight transitions, making them a band to be on the look out for.