An Animal for Every Kid


From the city to the country, there is an animal for every kid in every 4-H event, and they're all learning something from one another.

4-H'ers are spending the week at the Hall County Fair and some have been preparing all year.

Whether they've been in 4-H for 10 years or two years, the kids say they learn something new each day.

They put in many hours of work with their animals and supporters came to watch the shows.

At the rabbit show on Thursday, Elizabeth Elliott, a two year member of 4-H, said, "I only show rabbit because it's a lot easier to do and being within city limits its one of the few things I can do."

Elliott said she gets a chance to experience being around farm animals at the fair and said, "I've learned a lot about cattle, goats, and I helped show chickens earlier today which I have never done."

Christy Burnett with UNL Extension said, "Whether it's with their rabbit or dog they learn about all the other areas."

Korni Burnett grew up on a family farm and said, "You learn how they treat their animals and what they do for their animals; you can be around animals you don't show or you don't have around."

Christy Burnett added, "They learn a lot of responsibilities taking care of their animals and just getting along with others; they spend a lot of time here in the barns together."

The Hall County Fair runs through this weekend.