An Army of Volunteers at the 2012 State Volleyball Tournament


Behind all the excitement of the state volleyball tournament, there is a different kind of team keeping everything under control. A team of more than 200 volunteers at all four of the volleyball tournament sites are a major part of the organization of the three day event.

Renee Seifert works with the Greater Grand Island Sports Council. She's also the executive director of the Hall county Convention and Visitors Bureau, the organizations that work on coordinating many details of the event. Seifert said when all the pieces come together, it's the volunteers that make sure it all runs smoothly.

Seifert estimates more than 30,000 people go into all four of the tournament sites, and says it takes a lot to make sure that traffic doesn't turn into chaos.

Kelly Enck, a third year volunteer said she sees familiar faces volunteering at the event each year.

"I love the sport of volleyball, and you get to see a lot of great games while you're here volunteering, meeting a lot of people and for us to be able to host it in Grand Island, it's just great," Enck said.

Many like her said they're drawn to the crowd.

Second time volunteer, Ed Briseno, said "We hope to be around to volunteer next year too."

Renee Seifert said the team of organizers and volunteers keep getting strong each year, and said many have already to planned to come back to the 2013 state volleyball tournament in Grand Island.

"It may seem like chaos to us, but as long as it seems like everything is running smoothly to the general public, that's what's important," Seifert said.

Recently, there has been some confusion about the bidding process. Seifert confirmed that the tournament will be in Grand Island again in 2013, and the bidding process will then be open for the 2014 state volleyball tournament year.