An Unordinary Spring Season

Spring 2013 has seen it all: some record cold days in late April, snowfall in early May, and this week -- one of the earliest 100 degree temperatures on record.

And all of those drastic weather changes have been tough for those who rely on being outdoors.

Hastings high school boys track coach David Johnson said, "We've had bad weather before in spring, but never where it's been this relentless."

Fourteen years as the head track coach, and coach Johnson says he can't remember a spring like this, "We've had three meets canceled or postponed; we had a three week streak where we didn't have any meets for our varsity."

The season comes with some new records set as well. Meteorologists at the national weather service said they saw some cooler temps in April, the snowfall in early May was also unusual, but the record breaking heat this week was one for the books.

Mike Moritz with the National Weather Service said, "May 14th was a record breaker across a good part of the plains, including Grand Island, where it was 102 degrees, which was a new record high."

"It was also the earliest that a 100 degree temp had been recorded in Grand Island, by about one week or so," Moritz added.

For now, meteorologists predict we'll continue to see warmer days, with probable rainfall becoming more and more scarce as we head into the summer months.