'Angel of Hope' Memorial Added to Kearney Cemetery


Giving visitors a place to mourn and remember children they've lost too soon is the goal of a new memorial area at the Kearney Cemetery.

Park employees finished installing the Angel of Hope statue on Thursday.

Lexington's Jackie and Eric Rowan wanted to place the statue in memory of their daughter, and dedicate it to all parents who have lost a child.

Local officials say they're honored to be part of the project.

"Lots of people like Sue have lost a loved one who are buried somewhere else," said cemetery superintendent Steve Baye. "This gives them a local place to come in and do their mourning and their praying, whatever they want to do, and I think it's a beautiful addition to our cemetery."

Project co–directors hope the memorial will be a place of peace, hope and comfort.

"You know all of us who've lost a child, there's just an empty hole in your heart that sometimes you need a quiet place to go and to reflect and to remember and to pray," said project co-director Sue Balfany. "And this is just one of those great places."

It took a year of fundraising and eight weeks to build the memorial. The public is invited to a dedication ceremony set to take place on June 28th at 1p.m. at the entrance of the Kearney Cemetery.