Anna Bemis Palmer Museum


Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders were known as colorful group of characters. However, one of the wives of the riders is known for her generosity in York County.
This week's One Tank Trip takes us to the Anna Bemis Palmer Museum in York.
It's collection might be all in one room, but the Anna Bemis Palmer Museum is full of the history of York County.
"A lot of those dishes those were the only dishes you had, forty, fifty, sixty years ago,
almost one hundred and we do have a lot of those items here if it wouldn't have been for the
museum," said volunteer Kathleen Bedient.
The Palmer Museum is home to over 700 items with most of the items coming from local residents. A quilt made by a twelve-year-old girl just got back from being on display at the
Smithsonian. The museum is named after Anna Palmer who donated money to move the it from the basement of the library to its new location.
"She did a wonderful thing to get this museum started. You look at the items in here and they'd be in someone's closet or basement or probably trashed, where she had the idea of looking forward to getting them on display for people," said Bedient.
Palmer's husband rode with President Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, but Anna wasn't rough arond the edges at all as most remember her for her kindness.
"She was a very wealthy woman but also a very kind person, she was a lady's lady."
Volunteers run the museum and are learning about York's history on the job as well.
"My favorite part was when we worked with the displays and the clothing we had and able to dress the mannequins for a certain area," said volunteer Bonnalynne Henderson.
The museum is located in downtown York in the community center. Families can enjoy a trip to the museum along with a visit to the basketball court or pool.
"f families would want to come and spend a day here, there's swimming, a workout area
downstairs, along with visiting the museum," said Bedient.
The museum is free and open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.