Annual Minutes Form Scam


  • This mailer is now being sent to Nebraskan businesses.
  • The mailer is titled "2013 Annual Minutes Form" and is being sent by a company that calls itself Corporate Records Service.
  • It urges business corporations to file information and send a $125 payment by a certain date in order to maintain proper records.
  • The solicitation includes a reference to the "Nebraska Corporation Act" and the mailing appears official.
  • The Secretary of State is alerting Nebraska businesses that this service is not necessary to maintain good standing in Nebraska.
  • The letters do not originate from the Secretary of State's office or any other government agency.
  • Corporate Records Service is not registered to do business in Nebraska.
  • Nebraska businesses are reminded that any official notice sent from the Secretary of State's office will be sent on their letterhead and will come from the Business Services Division of the Secretary of State's office.
  • Businesses can disregard this mailer ad for more information contact the Better Business Bureau at 800-649-6814 or the Attorney General's Office at 800-727-6432.