Annual School Health Conference Focuses on School Nurses Role in Healthcare


School nurses play a vital role in the healthcare community that can often times go unnoticed or unrecognized.

The duties of the school nurse has evolved over the years, and though they are still giving medications and taking temperatures, it goes far beyond that.

Tuesday is the third and final day of the Annual School Health Conference in Kearney, where many healthcare topics are discussed and analyzed.

Though school nurses aren't able to administer healthcare as would be done in a regular hospital or clinic, these nurses are oftentimes first responders to healthcare situations and are responsible for the general well-being and care of a large number of students.

"Think about it, they're in school seven hours a day. It doesn't stop at the front door of a school. Someone still needs to be making sure that they're getting the healthcare that they need so that they can be in the classroom," said keynote speaker and president elect of the Nebraska School Nurses Association, Betty Mattey.

This is the 30th year NSNA has met. Subjects varied from school health screenings and the Affordable Care Act, to healthy school environments, behavioral health screenings and much more.

Over 180 nurses from across the state attended, making it the largest conference for the association so far.