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Purses--popular from the early 1800s through the early 1900s.
A woman's purse is a favorite and enduring accessory and a symbol of status and style, especially ornate evening bags. "A purse can also dress up an outfit. You can place a purse on a table when you're dining, where people can see it. They may not be able to see your shoes under the table, but they can see your handbag."

Mesh Enameled Mesh Beaded
Beaded Purse
# of eBay Auctions: 21,022
# of Sold Auctions: 3,304
What stands out?
Frame--ornate or possibly sterling silver.
Design work, more intricate more $$$.

Scrimshaw is the name given to scrollwork, engravings, and carvings done in bone or ivory.

Many of these nautical pieces--whales and walruses--were done by sailors.
Some of the earliest pieces coming from whaling ships appeared in the mid-1700s.
Scrimshaw essentially was a leisure activity for whalers. Because whaling was extremely dangerous, whalers were unable to work at night which gave them free time to carve bone/teeth.

Most pieces were never signed, those that are command higher prices.

Early scrimshaw was done with crude sailing needles and designs vary in terms of detail and artistry. Candle black, soot or tobacco juice would have been used to bring the etched design into view.

# of eBay Auctions: 3,348
# of Sold Auctions: 3,972

*Almost of the eBay and "Sold" examples are fakes.

Price range--hundreds of dollars up to thousands of dollars per item.
Range depends on Size, Condition, Detail, Dated and Signed.