Antique Bottle Appraisals


During the first century B.C. the Romans started using blown glass containers for a variety of needs. In the United States, many early medicine or "bitters" bottles appeared in Colonial America and into the 1800s.

Also during the 1800s many bottles/flasks appeared with patriotic themes--presidents, eagles, etc. Many (most) found today are fake. In the late 1800s and early 1900s many different
soda/pop bottles produced in small towns came on the market.

Dating bottles . . .
Caps 1892 . . .

Machine-made 1903 . . .

Beater Jars
Stoneware--after the Civil War demand for stoneware products increased rapidly. A variety of stoneware items were used as utility pieces--jugs, crocks, canning jars, in addition to beater jars.