Antique Show Allows Shoppers to Relive Memories


A long time Lexington antique show gives visitors a chance to walk down memory lane.

Shoppers go back in time, combing through tables of unique treasures at Lexington's 28th annual Antique and Craft Extravaganza.

Organizers say events like these captivate visitors in a different way; for some, it's to bring new life into something once forgotten.

"I think with antiques it's probably the history of it that's going to stay there forever, it's always the memory in somebody's mind that they see what they've grown up with," said Bargain John's Antiques representative Anne Eilers. "That just strikes a chord in terms of remembering and I think that's what it's all about -- it's the history."

But for others, this type of event is all about reliving their personal history.

"That's what I think it is,walking through and taking a look at the different items that the vendors have available," said Lexington Chamber of Commerce's Tina Reil-Lux, "and that sparks the memories from their past, and I think that's a big draw for people."

More than 100 vendors from five different states, including California, participated in this weekend's event which also included a classic car show.